Important concepts in daves toolbox


Emotional Triangles

The most important tool in Dave’s toolbox is a simple triangle: me, you, and a third person or issue. Simple, yet a profound demonstrator of the Serenity Prayer in action. Through training in Family Systems, once Dave learned the nature of emotional triangles, his ability to work with others expanded in major ways. And your work can also!

This monograph will lead you through the simplicity, and show you how to apply the concepts to your personal and professional life, how to be effective in conflict, how to use it in understanding leadership, and a multitude of other situations.

Sailors On A Ship

Do you talk to yourself? When you do, who is doing the talking? Who is doing the listening? Anyone? Do you ever sabotage yourself, saying one thing and doing another?

An ancient metaphor suggests that “The human mind is very much like a ship where the Sailors have mutinied and locked the Captain in the brig. Each sailor believes himself (or herself) free to steer the ship, and first one sailor and then another takes over the helm, while the ship travels a random and erratic course.” Sound familiar?

Who are these Sailors, your sailors? Who is your Captain? These skills and more can be learned. You can have an effective Captain. You can be in charge of your own ship. Combined with the concepts of emotional triangles, you can be very powerful as a human being.