To encourage emotional growth

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    Dave MacQuarrie, a dynamic polymath, is concerned about climate change, especially the underlying emotional issues that fuel these problems. He cares deeply about the duplicity of our culture and the need for cultural maturation.

    Current conditions and situation here on Earth emphasize the importance for growth, both in the internal and the external world of every human being. Change may seem too daunting when the know-how is unavailable. Fortunately there are tools for anyone willing to use them.

    As a retired psychotherapist and medical doctor, Dave offers individual coaching and/or a variety of workshops that address these tools.

Dave MacQuarrie - BSc, MSc, MD(ret.), CRCPC, MA-ABS, PhD

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'The human side'

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Available workshops
  • The management of emotional difficulties, especially anger and rage 
                  I Never Signed Up For This!
  • Living more effectively
                  Laughter Plus
  • The skills of effective relationship
                  Unpacking The Problem Of Conflict 
                  Partners Coming Together
  • The difficulties and management of burnout
                  So You Want To Be Heard On Authenticity 
                  The Bottom Line
  • The need for envisioning how we wish our culture to develop
                   For Our Children

Two books recently republished

Available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Blowing Out the Darkness

Blowing Out the Darkness

Blowing Out the Darkness takes a new look at emotional management. The book offers practical tools for the resolution of emotional difficulties, especially those of depression, anger, and rage. Yet the tools are applicable to any emotional issue. It provides an in-depth discussion of the skills one can use in conflict, especially when the other person is non-cooperative. The identification and living of one's values are emphasized. 

Acedia: The Darkness Within

Acedia: The Darkness Within

 Acedia is a well-informed and inspired book about the historical and psychological origins of a centuries old affliction. Acedia masterfully connects the dots between personal psychological traumas and looming environmental collapse. Dr. MacQuarrie pulls no punches, yet offers a ray of hope that we just might save our future. - Christian de Quincey, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies, John F. Kennedy University.


Dave MacQuarrie speaking on Acedia